Rational Animal

“Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason”

Oscar Wilde


Unlike any other creatures in this world, we possess no physical advantages over the other species that are faster, stronger and adaptive. Our fragile skin can be easily penetrated even by the smallest insects, our sens can be effortlessly disrupted by the slightest change of the weather.

However, creatures like us, which doomed to become another victim of extinction, survived, and is now ruling and reshaping this world in our own way.

The key of the domination, is the brain, the rationality.

Consuming more than 20% of the energy in the body, the brain, became the most powerful weapon to chop and change ourselves and environment around us. Empowered by rationality, pavements has been built, wheels has been invented, art and culture has been created, survival has been reached and the pursuing of discovery has been never-ending.

In this collection, the organic patterns have been deconstructed, then have been rebuilt through the combination of geometric shapes inspired from the natures and animals.

The Elephant

Tusks, chaos twisted and staggered with geometric shapes and the chain-looking straight lines, implies an irreconcilable conflict constraining the rationality and the savage nature.

Just be like a wild elephant, behind the rationality, a great power is to be released.

The Dark Tiger

“There is a roaring tiger in my heart.

There is a rolling wheel in my soul.

One is my ego, the other is my dream.”

creative director of GOM

The tire tracks that under the wheels will finally become the proof of our existence and domination, like scars on conqueror’s face.

Here in GOM, we don’t follow, we dominate.

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