Running Wild

"When you are riding in the wild at a speed of 160km, trust your instinct, rather than your skills"

motorcycle thoughts from GOM


Crammed by the regulation and rules, we find ourselves living a logical yet boring life. Wrath must be concealed behind smile, desire must be disguised by love. The prevailing hypocrisy relentlessly reshape the way we understand the world and ourselves, making us believe that the animal side of us has long gone.

“So let’s bring the savagery back”

creative director of GOM

To the forests and desert we went, from the blood and venom we got inspired, each one of us is merely struggling to escape from our animal instinct deeply embedded in our spirit, an escape, which is useless and pathetic. What’s more, the most dangerous and vicious animals remind GOM and our tribe that “we are born to be dangerous”.

In this collection, GOM got inspired from the elements we found in the nature, then highlight them with heavy, even rough-edged patterns to stress on the “savagery spirit”. This bold but creative approach initiated a new era of GOM.

Time to run, fast and wild.

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